Bass Players
Marcus Wesslen Dead by April

Marcus Wesslen - Dead by April


Marcus' long experience as a professional bass player led him to Dead by April 2008 after contributing in many different bands through the years - like "Trendkill" "By night" "Eternal Lies". "Dead by april" have sold both gold and platina and are selling out the biggest festivals and halls in scandinavia and Europe.


Marcus' search for the perfect bass sound led him to Woodo Guitars : "Woodo basses is a huge step on the way in my search for the perfect sound! It has the heavy sound but also the clean and smooth feeling I like in a bass. Woodo suites me perfect!"

Are Gogstad - The Southern Cross, Paul Di'Anno, Ripper Owens


Are - after the international break "WomaniZer" by ABSOLUTE STEEL toured with the band for 2 years after which he moved to PAUL DI'ANNO's European touring band. Since 2008 Paul Di'Anno has toured all over Europe, and the band is now about to record their first album with the grammy nominated metal producer CHRIS TSANGARIDES, famous for his work with JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, KING DIAMOND, THIN LIZZY & Y&T among others. In 2010 Are teamed up with RIPPER OWENS' band for his first ever solo- headline tour of Europe. The tour was a big success and there are more gigs to be booked for 2012. These days Are plays with both Paul and Ripper as well as keeping the groove in the doomy monster THE SOUTHERN CROSS which features legendary keyboard player GEOFF NICHOLLS (BLACK SABBATH) and ROWAN ROBERTSON (DIO).

Are says : "My Woodo B4 Poplar Birds Eye has wonderful punch and strenght, which is required for playing (heavy) rock music. It has an easy playing neck and holds its tune well. What strikes me is the bass' versatility. It has tone qualities which makes it sound good playing different styles of music. And, of course, it looks great!".


Brice Leclercq


Brice Leclercq has been playing bass in many extreme metal bands through the years and is currently starting his own band-project that you should hear sometime this year. Brice has been playing live and touring all over the world with acts such as Satyricon Live band (2009), Dissection (2004-2005) and Nightrage (Along with Per Möller Jensen - The Haunted, Gus G – Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind, Tomas Lindberg – At The Gates, The Great Deceiver). He features as well on Nightrage – ”Sweet Vengeance”, and on Dissection – ”Reinkaos” albums,  plus a live DVD – ”Rebirth Of Dissection Live In Stockholm Arenan”.


Brice: "One thing I do when I try a  bass is to I play it with everything on ”flat”... If it still sounds good, it is a very good instrument and that was the case with the Woodo. Plus the neck has the right size, the pick-ups rock, the bridge is very solid and stable, and the EQ blows you away! Even down tuned in D#, D or even C you get a very good definition and response on the fifth string, which is quite unusal and something very important for me since I always use those tones to make the music darker in studio. I have played on many basses and many brands, even very expensive ones, but I always found some details I was not completely satisfied with, but with Woodo it's a 10 out of 10! I have only one thing to say, get one! (or two or three or four...)"

Simon Andersson - Darkwater


Simon Andersson is one of the top bass players in Sweden. He's featured on recordings with Pain of Salvation, Bosson, Outshine, Britney Spears and Urbandux to name a few. He's currently releasing an album with his new band Darkwater.


Simon says : "When I tried the Woodo B5X for the 1st time I was stunned. Couldn't understand that this kind of budget instrument, crafted in a country you've like never heard of, was so complete in every way. The sound is awesome, the shape fits perfect for the belly (or knees if you prefer the rock n roll lifestyle)... It's easy to play, feels expensive and looks gorgeous. I've been using the B5X both live and in studio, works all the time. Thumbs up!"

Mikael Berglund


Swedish bass player Mikael Berglund has been active on the Swedish and European jazz scene the last 25 years, most notably in the band Cabazz and Jonas Knutsson band. These two bands have released several records, played TV & radio shows and toured extensively. Other collobrations include Johan Söderkvist, Örjan Fahlström, Meta Roos, and Pierre Swärd.Mikael is teaching at The Royal Music Conservatory and and Stockholm Music conservatory. He’s the author of the top selling bass method book in Sweden, Rockskolan Elbas. He has released two solo albums. The band E/N/D was formed around 2006 and has played and recorded in Scandinavia and the US. Also in the band was sax-flute player Miles Osland. Recently an album with Åstrand, Evaristo Aguilar, and Mikael, Face to face,  has been released as a result of the trios concerts troughout the world.


Mikael: ”I find that Woodo basses gives me the perfect balance between old & new, boutique & traditional bass feel. All packed in an instrument that has a very wooden, natural feel and a fast, smooth neck with no worries regarding action, intonation and other common electric bass problems.”


Samuel Lundell


A young internationally renowned star - Samuel Lundell - being just 17 years amazes us with his performance with : Carola (Swe), Jonathan Thulin (US), Charmaine (AUS) Ulf Johansson Werre (SWE) to name a few. As a professional musician performing almost 100 gigs per year from jazz clubs to churches and tv-studios he needs a bass he can trust.


Samuel plays Woodo B5X Maple Burl "Woodo has wonderful necks! The B string sounds amazing and the fretboard is superb. Looks awesome! Simple choice."

Samuel Lundell

Justin Biggs - Descend


Justin Biggs is playing in a Swedish metal band Descend. Justin is an up and coming extremely versatile bass player. Most important thing for Justin as a professional bass player is the freedom to play how he feels and the instrument shouldn't restrict that freedom.


Justin says: "When I first sat down at the Woodo guitar shop I didn't know what to expect. All the basses looked fantastic. I was given the Woodo B5X Tiger Maple and instantly fell in love with the shape, sound, controls, and over feel of the instrument. "

Bobby Bryant - Nervosia and Wrath Upon Eden


Bobby Bryant has been playing bass since he was 6 years old, and is a 18 year veteran of the music scene. He is regarded as one of the best and most technical bassist in metal. Bobby currently plays bass in the melodic, technical, American metal-core band WRATH UPON EDEN, and the progressive black metal band Nervosia (featuring members of Cradle of Filth, Nightrage, and Abigail Williams). He is also a founding member of the band Summer Dying, one of the fore fathers of the American Metal-core scene.

Bobby says: "I've been on a journey forever trying to find the right bass for me. Once I picked up the Woodo I knew my search was over! I need a bass with ALL the features; Heart-pounding low end, in your face mids and highs, effortless playability, and comfortable balance. The Woodo bass does just that! Pick it up, plug it in and instantly AMAZING tone and playability is at the tips of my fingers. Oh yeah, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Woodo makes the perfect bass, period. My weapons of choice - Woodo B7 Walnut Lefty & Woodo B6 Ebony Fretless Lefty."


Anders Janfalk - All Ends


Anders Janfalk is the bassplayer of the swedish rockband All Ends. He has been involved in different bands and projects, including Emberstorm.  As an extremely technical bassist, Anders doesn't all the time sees the bass as an accompanying rhytmical instrument, but also as an expressive melodic instrument. 


Anders says: "For a long time I've been searching for a bassguitar that fits all my needs. I was looking around on the internet and found a picture of a Woodo bass and thought "Wow, I hope that It's just as good as it looks". And you know what? It was even better! When my fingers first touched the strings of a Woodo B5X I thought: "I've found my bassguitar!"

Sebastian Näsström


Sebastian is the youngest Woodo artist ever - only 16 years and has amazed the world with his talent. In the summer 2012 Los Angeles CA he won the World Championships of performing arts in two categories with flying colours. He's the best 16-17 year old instrumentalist in the WORLD! Now he is concentrating in writing new material.


Sebastian : "The first thing that got me obsessed with Woodo was the pure beauty of their instruments. About my Woodo B4 Walnut... Such a great bass, the most comfortable bass I’ve ever played on. It just sounds GREAT! The EQ and the Armstrong pickups are fantastic! It’s a great sounding bass, and you can play funk, rock and everything in between with it.

Sebastian Näsström

Johan Löfgren - Steel Attack


Johan Löfgren plays in Swedish Heavy Metal band Steel Attack, which has released six albums during 1999-2008. Johan has also played for example in Lack Of Faith. What Johan is looking for in THE perfekt bass guitar is that it should sound like a bass and still the tone can be tweaked without compromising the characteristics of the instrument. It should be well balanced as well.


Johan says : "The first time I tried out a Woodo bass I was sold! The tone and the balance was amazing. These basses meet quality seen only in the price range four timesthe price tag. My choice was Woodo Poplar Birds Eye and I can't wait to get my Woodo B5 Black Walnut."

Lars Lindén - Carnal Forge


Lars Lindén bass player, guitarist, songwriter & producer in the Swedish metal combo Carnal Forge. Carnal Forge has since 1997 released 6 albums and 1 live DVD around the world, toured in Europe,  USA & Japan with the likes of Testament, Exodus, Halford, Primal Fear, Immortal, Behemoth, Amon Amart, Nile, The Haunted, Pro Pain, Grave, Construcdead, Mortician, to mention a few. They have played festivals like Wacken Open Air (DE), Sweden Rock Festival (SE), Metal Meltdown (USA), Fury Fest (FR), Pressure Fest (DE), Kaltenbach Open Air (A), Summer Breeze (DE), Fuck the Commerce (DE) Decibel (SE), Mälarrocken (SE), Metal Fest URI (CH), Zabbaduschder Open Air (DE), SWR Barroselas Metalfest (PRT), Nordic Rage Fest (SE) etc.


Lars: "I stumbled over the Woodo basses by accident and was happily surprised to find a new murder weapon that suits me just perfect. I have played a lot of brands thru the years but never really found all of the components I wanted. It is so easy played and great sounding so it has been real inspiring writing new material. In the recording situation it has great variations in sounds, and it works just excellent for me in the live bashing."


Martin Pudas - Daemonicus


Martin is a soldier in the old-school deathmetal band Daemonicus.


Martin says: "My Woodo B6 Black Walnut suits me just fine, and does its duty with great brilliance. It has awesome sustain and great tone, and the playability is really, really super! I would never believe that an instrument in this pricerange could be so awesome, sound so great and look so fine -just like much more expensive instruments. But I was wrong. Woodo really gives bang for the buck, and I'm not complaining! After gigs I've often got compliments about my great sound, and that's flattering. Although I play evil raw deathmetal I always use a clean but punchy sound. I'm a pick-player most of the time, with a really hard and rough technique. Just to match the music I play. "

Kristofer Elemyr - Undivine


Kristofer (ex. Isole live-band) is the founding member of Undivine, which are about to release their 3rd album. Other projects include Rebel Collective and he's assigned session bass player for Ereb Altor.

"I read some amazing reviews of the Woodo basses and became very curious about them. At first I had my eyes on the B5 Walnut but then I just couldn't take my eyes of the Woodo B5 Poplar Birds Eye. The amazing poplar birds eye top on the body with the fantastic ebony fretboard gives the bass that distinct att punchy tone that I love, and with the excellent value, I just had to have it."


Sebastian Sander - Safemode


Sebastian is bass player in Safemode, the rapidly growing screamo-rock band. In spring 2009 the band participated in the national music contest “Rockkarusellen”, where more than 600 band from all around the country attended. In the end there could only be one winner and with words from the jury as "excellent tracks", "speed and energy" and "great contact with the audience", Safemode stood as winners. They recently released their debut album "For a better tomorrow".


Sebastian about his Woodo B4 Poplar Birds Eye : Coming Soon.

Benjamin Guerin - Dysfunctional


Benjamin Guerin plays in French brutal progressive metal band Dysfunctional. The rhythmic variety and transition between brutal noise and smooth melodies requires a high quality instrument. Woodo is perfect because it’s allows me to switch from aggressive sound towards groovy tempo with the better efficiency. The natural wood look fits perfect with metal band visuals.


Benjamin said : "When I received my woodo I try it first without amps. "What's amazing instrument ?" I said. It sounded very nice, smooth design and pleasant playability. It was very well setting up. When I tested with an amp I heard a very high quality of sound, and tone is very well valued with nice pick up. I didn't found a bass guitar, I found THE bass. It's always a pleasure to play with."

Martin Maxe - Ink Stained Promises


Martin Maxe is the bass player in the upcomming metalcore act Ink Stained Promises. Just recently they released a music video and of course his Woodo B5 Walnut where with him all the time.

Martin says:"At First i just went on the look of the bass but when I got it in my hands I was shocked by how light it were for being such a great sounding instrument. And since we are a give it all live band it is very important for me to have a instrument that sound really good and are not in the way for my actions on stage. The weight and tone of the Woodo B5 Walnut makes it just excellent for that purpose. Kicks ass of any known top notch branch bass and the EQ is pure gold!"

Thomas Fanto -


During the 70:s, 80:s and 90:s, Thomas was a prominent bass player in the swedish westcoast stage in genres jazz-rock, rock, afro-beat and pop. He worked as session musician at various studios in the Gothenburg area. Some of the bands he joined were; "Mwendo Dawa" with Ulf Wakenius and Niels Nordin; "Sundance" with Stephen Frankevich; "M'Bango-X" with Åke Parmerud. He's been recording with Ulf Dageby, Gunnar Danielsson, Bo Winberg and Bob Lander. He also have released two solo albums, "Science And Fiction" and "String Theory".


Thomas says : "My Woodo SA5 Simon Andersson signature is not a bass guitar - it's pure magic! It's gets better and better every time I play with it." about Woodo SA5 Simon Andersson Signature

Patrik Strömberg - Violated


Patrik is an extremely technical all-round musician. He started playing jazz but then got a taste for heavy metal. Violated stands for melodic hardrock and is technically difficult to play. A part from Violated he working on side projects. He would always push himself to be more developed as a musician and therefore Woodo suits him perfectly when the base offers everything he needs.


Patrik states : "I knew immediately that the base had attitude. It provides direct and clear, solid sound. Amazing control with everything you need. My choice was B5 black walnut and I am more than satisfied."

Hannes Almén - Yersinia


Hannes Almén is the bass player and co-founder of the Swedish up-and-coming hardcore act YERSINIA. This July Hannes and YERSINIA will enter the well renowned Dugout Studios to record their debut album. Of course, Hannes’ Woodo B4 will be doing all the work


Hannes says: “First of all it was the design that got me hooked. When I finally had the B4 in my hands, it was love at first play. Since YERSINIA is first and foremost a live band, this well balanced piece of art gives me the opportunity to sound awesome and look great while I throw my bass around on stage.”

Gustav Broman


Gustav Broman is a bass player from Gothenburg that plays in many different constellations among others Susanna Risberg Trio and Trio Pigalle. Gustav mainly plays Jazz but also many other styles. After a long time with only frettless basses he realised that he needed a fretted one, a five string bass.


Gustav says: "I doubt for a long time that a bass for such a small prise could sound so great as the rumors said. But when I first played one I knew that`s what I´ve been looking for and that it sounds better then many more expensive basses."

Oskar Pålsson - Coldworker and Relentless


Oskar Pålsson is currently playing bass in the full blasting death metal-band COLDWORKER. They have just finished their third album "The Doomsayer´s Call", to be released by Listenable Records in the spring of 2012. Besides the two previous albums with COLDWORKER, along with a few 7" inch splits and tribute-compilations to Nasum and Repulsion, Oskar has also released a full-lenght album with RELENTLESS . A band that also have full focus on non-melodic death metal.


Oskar says: "I was looking for a neck-through, beautiful looking bass with a 35" inch scale neck that would fit my playing. The longer scale neck is great for the intonation when it comes to the drop C tuning that we use. It's also really important for me that the bass is easy to play. In both COLDWORKER and RELENTLESS I tend to copy the guitars more than to play bass in a more traditional way. There's a lot of fast fingerpicking going on, so the neck needs to be thin and fast. My weapon of choise is the B4 Black Walnut!"

Steelattack goes Woodo
Guitars Players



Kristoffer is an Artist, Songwriter and Producer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
He is the owner of PURPLE SKULL MEDIA (, which focuses mainly on Music Production within the Rock and Metal Scene. He is currently doing various work for major companies and artists like Universal Music (, Ninetone Records (, CORRODED (, YOHIO (, CRUNGE ( and many more. Kristoffer is also the drummer of the Swedish rock band PLAN THREE ( currently working on their third major release.


As a multi-instrumentalist Kristoffer often play all instruments himself when producing his own or other artists music. Therefore it is really important that his studio is filled with great sounding stuff; and WOODO GUITARS provide just that!

Hobbe Housmand - Celestial Decay


Hobbe Houshmand is the co-founder, producer and lead guitarist of the Swedish symphonic-melodic-metal band Celestial Decay: With innovative use of technology and bombastic orchestrations, a concert with Celestial Decay feels like watching an epic tale of metal unfold before your eyes.


Hobbe says: "The superb sustain, tone and incredible beauty of Woodo-guitars is something that matches the grandeur of our musical and visual approach perfectly. With blazing solos and delicate clean passages, I need an instrument that never fails me, whenever, wherever! Keep an eye out for my upcoming Houshmand-signature series, they will deliver - and they will deliver in major style!"

Robin and Fredric - Surviving the Charade


In less than one year, Surviving The Charade have gotten a fanbase all over Sweden and in other countries, such as the U.S and large parts of Europe. In August, 3 tracks were released and the feedback they recieved were over their expectations.

Dino Medanhodzic - Carnal Forge


A producer and a outstanding guitar player Dino Medanhodzic plays in metal band Carnal Forge. With their albums and uncountable gigs you've had the possibility hear his virtuous playing.

Ronny Hemlin - Steelattack


Ronny Hemlin: Songwriter and Vocalist in the Swedish Heavy Melodic Metal band STEEL ATTACK

Ronny Hemlin: "WOW!! Unbelievable - no one can disslike theese Guitars / basses – it’s impossible, I love'em!!" about Woodo GS2 Ebony and Woodo GS2 Ebony 7-String.

Martin Olsson - (Devilicious and Nevärlläljf)


Martin Olsson is a Swedish guitarist who plays in assigned metal rock band Devilicious and fusion band Nevärlläjf.


Martin: “I’ve tried out a million different guitars searching for that jazzy sound that fits me but I also needed a guitar I could play shrieking metal with. An unsolvable equation... When I played some licks on the Woodo GSX Aboyna Burl neck pickup I realized it sounded even jazzier than my old jazz guitar and still the bridge pickup delivered a fat and crispy distorted sound. The GSX had it all. No more changing instruments during live sessions!”.

Kyle Morris, Los Angeles USA


Kyle Morris has been playing in Thunk, Engine No9 and The Moving Pictures. He has worked as a studio musician with variety of bands and artists in USA and in Sweden. He moved recently back to States and launched his solo project.


Kyle Morris : "You get more twang on Woodo bridge pickup than an original Telecaster and I just love the playability with the somewhat fatter neck... The Neck Thru-design looks really cool. " about Woodo GTC1 Ebony.

Mahan Ahmadi - Havok


Mahan is the guitarist/songwriter and co-founder of the Swedish death metal band Havok. Havok recently released their latest album “Being and nothingness”. Since the age of 8, Mahan has been playing different instruments - even Persian lute (Taar). Currently he plays exclusively seven-string guitars. Mahan likes to combine a technical style with simple, sometimes oriental, melodies that have become a big part of Havok’s music.


Mahan : "I play technical death metal with a 7-string, so I need a guitar that is comfortable with a neck not too wide and a heavy sound. The Woodo GS2 Ebony 7-String is great since it meets my requirements and gives the sound I’m going for, both distorted and clean sound for the acoustic parts I play. Of course the design is unique and elegant, and my favourite detail is the Neck thru design, which I had been looking for in 7- strings

Timmy Leng - Despite


Timmy Leng plays in the death metal band Despite. This year Despite released their strong debut album "In Your Despite" - welding classic of Gothenburg metal with hard core.


Timmy's choice is Woodo GPR1 Black Ash. As soon he received it, he tuned it down to drop A with a .013 string set and was impressed, how accurate the guitar intonates with this especially low tuning.

Richard Sundström - VINDRA


Richard Sundström is a Swedish guitarist playing in the band VINDRA. VINDRA was formed in 2004 and the debut album came out in June 2009 worldwide. Richard has played the guitar since 1982 and he is an excellent songwriter, One of his special abilities is his modern picking style.


Richard says:  “I believe my Woodo guitar will be an extra push in our style of music, It really fits me like the glove I have played many guitars through the years and the GTC Is a much more versatile guitar then for example an American Fender tele, I also love the woodwork on my ebony.

Patrick Magnusson – First Room on the Corner


Patrick plays in the band First Room on the Corner. As the lead guitarist he needs a guitar that performs well no matter what he plays.


Patrick says : "If you play a Woodo for about a week, you will notice that all your restrictions are gone, I can play faster, more sensitive and make the guitar sound just the way I want, when I want. As a creative musician I need an instrument that lets me play what I feel. This guitar did not open the door for me, it opened the gates."

Johan Jalonen Penn - Steel Attack


Johan plays in the power metal band Steel Attack.


Johan says : "I have the Woodo GS2 7string ebony.The sound and feel of this guitar is fantastic, makes you wanna play for hours! This guitar will be the one When i choose my weapon on future recordings."


Marcus Backlund - Crystal Light


Marcus Backlund is guitar player and songwriter in Swedish melodic metal band: Crystal Light. Crystal Light is currently working on pre production for their first album release and will start recording the album summer 2009.


Marcus: "What I am looking for in a guitar or bass is mainly two things: Playability and tone. Ok, I admit that I like good looks as well… First I had some difficulties choosing my Woodo...I simply wanted most of them! In the end I opted for the “Woodo GSS Spalted Maple” and it felt very good from the start. Very easy to play with good sound and excellent sustain! And it looks beautiful as well!"


Morgan Petterson -Human Cometh


” Morgan plays in the online collobration Human Cometh - members coming from all over  the world. Human Cometh has released two CD's. He also appears on Odysseys' CD "Reinventing the Past" and he also plays guitar in the project Mazeone. In past he has been playing in various cover bands and he can be heard on the Best of the Guitarbattle. Morgan plays Woodo GS2 Ebony 7-String and Woodo GTC4 Mahogany.”


Morgan on Woodo GS2 Ebony 7-String. "I was looking for a high quality 7 string that looked cool and played great. The GS Ebony 7 String meets all my demands and provide a tight agressive tone and looks reallt cool. The 3 pickups and 5 way selector makes it possible to get any desired tone out of the guitar. I used my GS2 Ebony 7-String on our second CD HCll."


Jojje Bolmstad -


Jojje is an entertainer and a singer/songwriter from sweden. He play 150 shows a year and when he’s not on the road, he write songs in his studio with co-writers from Nashville USA. He also play guitar and sings in the rock act CALIBER 44.

Jojje says: ” I need a guitar that I could relay on. Both in the studio and on the stage. When I do my shows I play all kinds of genres, everything from swedish pop to heavy metal and all  in between. When I’m in the studio I need that country guitar sound, that twang you could hear on the records from Nashville. I get all these things in my WOODO GTC3. It’s an amazing piece of art and the hardware is great. Kent Armstrong microphones that’s sound amazing and the Wilkinson hardware that keeps you in tune all the time. I love this guitar! ”

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